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About us

Welcome to Encore Tools and Equipment, Inc.

Like most of the dealers throughout the country I started out working in the used machinery marketplace while working for another used machinery dealership. Learning the trade, making contacts, and through eighteen years of experience finally givessomeone enough confidence to venture out on their own. I finally did that in 1998 and Encore has been around ever since with a combined total of over 30 years experience. Entering in the machinery business at age 30 as field representative, I traveled Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana for eighteen years. If we have a specialty it is large format machines. Chip Making or Fabricating; makes no difference?we know where the big stuff is

Since its inception, Encore has developed many strategic relationships with key businesses in the machinery world.
For instance, we can simply broker a machine for you or have it completely stripped down, re-worked, upgraded and retrofitted with the latest CNC control. Then we'll market it worldwide to find you the right buyer.

We also partner with most other dealers in the USA & Canada. Yes, we're all in bed together. We have machines available from Maine to Mexico and from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Encore will evaluate and purchase your machine if you so desire. No one can afford to stock all the machines they sell so we also have a group of investors who help us invest in really good machines. We can also place your machine on our website for FREE. We have the ability to reach over 100 thousand dealers and end users throughout the Western Hemisphere.